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You must be at least 18 years old to play and if 18, 19 or 20 you must be accompanied by a parent.

  • Team needs 8 players male or female to start a game, it a team has less than 8 and to avoid a forfeit they may add players from another team to make 8 players so they can play (only with the other teams permission). If the team doesn’t have 8 players it will be declared a forfeit. Forfeit fees are $50.00 and must be paid to management before your next scheduled game. If you start with 8, 9 or 10 players you are allowed to add players to the end of lineup until the end of the 2nd inning. All players are eligible to bat (manager’s discretion), but only 10 can play the field. Max roster of 20 players. All rosters must be finalized by the 3rd week of play. For coed explanation of this rules see below in the coed rules.

  • There is no grace period. All games are 50 minutes long. If after 50 minutes the game is tied, one extra inning will be played. Even on position night.

  • If before the 50 minutes is up and a team is leading by 20 runs after the 4th inning, 15 runs after the 5th inning or 10 runs after the 6th inning with the bottom team getting a chance to bat the game will be over.

  • If a player is injured, the umpire will determine if a pinch runner is needed, only the last person who made an out can pinch run (only 1 pitch runner allowed per inning). At that point the next time the injured player bats the most he can advance is first base, unless he hits a home run over the fence. If the teams starts with 9, 10, or 11 players and a player is unable to finish the game to injury or is ejected from the game, and the team has no replacement the next time the injured/ejected player is supposed to bat, it’s an automatic out. If a team has less than 8 players at this point, the game will be declared a forfeit. If forfeit due to a player getting ejected from the game the team will owe $50.00.

  • Kelly’s Bleachers (KBBB Inc.) will provide one game ball, per game. The balls we are using are Dudley Thunders lime-green, 52 core and 300 compression. If a team hits a home run they must provide a Dudley Thunders lime-green, 52 core and 300 compression ball.

  • Homerun limit is 3. After 3 it is an automatic out. Power League limit is 5 home runs.

  • No batting practice is allowed!

  • Runners cannot advance on a caught foul ball, it is a dead ball. If the play is close at home plate, the runner must slide.

  • Absolutely no metal spikes or single spikes allowed. There are no warnings you will be ejected. No spikes of any kind are allowed in the bar.

  • The arc of a pitch is 6’ to 12’ feet from the ground. Umpires will call a high pitch, flat pitch or illegal pitch while the ball is in the air. If the pitch hits any part of the plate or mat (even the black on the outside of the plate) it is a strike.

  • No courtesy steps at all. Under no circumstances can a player leave the base until the batter makes contact with the ball, or they will be call out. No leaving the base while the pitch is in the air on a full count on the batter, you will be called out.

  • Any batter caught with an illegal bat listed on the bat list will be an automatic out and will be ejected from the game. If caught twice with an illegal bat, they will be ejected from the league. Only ASA approved and stickered bats allowed.

  • On position night the home team will be the lower seeded team.

  • There will be no foul language by a player or a fan. Continuous foul language by a player of a fan will lead to ejection from the game or the grounds. Swearing at an umpire is grounds for ejection from the game. Umpire or softball director will determine the number of games you could be suspended for.

  • If at the end of the season two teams are tied for first place there will be a 1 game playoff with no time limit. The game will be played on the same night or when schedule permits. Coin flips for home and away. There will be two umpires for this game.

  • No pets allowed. Children are to be supervised at all times. We are not babysitters.

  • Absolutely no outside food or beverage will be allowed to be brought into the park. No consumption of alcoholic beverages is allowed in the parking lot at any time. Kelly’s Bleachers Big Bend has a food and beverages available for purchase.

  • Everyone plays or watches the games at their own risk. Kelly’s Bleachers (KBBB Inc.) and its employees are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Kelly’s Bleachers Big Bend is not responsible for any foul balls that hit vehicles or patrons in the parking lot; it is park at your own risk. There is more parking behind the building on the hill.

  • Managers will be contacted if the games are cancelled at 4pm.

  • Kids cannot be batboys or batgirls and must be kept behind the fenced area at all times for safety purposes.

  • Everyone plays at Kelly’s Bleachers (KBBB Inc.) at their own risk.

Special Co-ed rules

  • Teams need 8 players to start and finish game with at least 4 players being female. If you only have 4 female you can only have 4 males no exceptions. You can play with more women than men. Women must bat before and after man. Women can back to back, not men. If only 5 women and the rest men, the women must rotate in the missing spots to complete the bat order. A female must play either the pitcher or catcher position.

  • 2 called strikes, 2 fouls is an out for both men and women (2 swing limit). If a guy walks, the next women batter has a choice to bat or walk. All other times the women must bat.

  • On defense there must be two women in the outfield and two in the infield.

  • Sliding will be allowed at all bases including home plate. The base-runner must touch the mat to be called safe either sliding or running. The defensive player can make an out by having the ball and touching the white home plate for the force out or tagging the runner. You must slide at home plate, if the play is close.

  • Any questions on a rule see an umpire or management.

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